DGN, ABS, and ST Engineering iDirect join forces to bring major connectivity expansion across four continents

Data Grid Network (DGN), a Commercis Plc company, has partnered with satellite operator ABS, and satellite hardware manufacturer ST Engineering, to expand robust connectivity across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The collaboration will enhance services across these regions, enabling Talia to offer flexible services and to speed up time to market with the delivery of essential communications to remote areas. Talia will extend an array of applications to customers that will meet the demands of enterprises, Energy companies and NGOs.

The new ABS-2 C-band satellite link will be operated through a dedicated antenna at Talia’s Data Grid Network Teleport in Hannover, Germany. It will offer high reliability, redundancy, and interconnectivity through our MPLS network across the world.

“The collaboration with DGN and ST Engineering shows our commitment to meet the growing demand of connectivity across these key markets. Our vast global beam coverage will support Talia’s broadband services across four continents,” said Paolo Pusterla, MD of EMEA, ABS. “ABS satellites’ footprints in C and Ku bands are wide and allow long-distance connections which is ideal for large networks and international liaisons. With advanced solutions on the ground such as ST Engineering’s iDirect, bandwidth is optimised and cost-effective for prime and backup services. Notably, ABS service offerings are perfectly suited to Virtual Network Operators and global providers such as Talia.”

Broadband connectivity and access to technology can propel the social and economic development of nations and provide huge benefits. Currently, however, approximately 35 per cent of underdeveloped countries are connected to the Internet, compared to around 80 per cent in advanced economies. Talia is focused on providing service to these underserved markets with affordable connectivity. Through collaborative partnerships like this one where leading enterprise combine their strengths to deliver world-class services, greater changes can be made towards a better future.

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